Mason Romero


Combining image and sound...
The New Normal
This is an experimental short film I did for my final. It's meant to be both an interpretational piece while also commenting on the current status of society (due to the restrictions of COVID-19), and our incoming "New Normal."
Death by Chocolate
Circle M's Thousand Trails Campground hosted an event called "Death by Chocolate." This included fun games/prizes for the kids, as well as a showing of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
L'union Fait La Force
Barber and shop owner, Ruben Le Professeur shares his story about becoming a barber, while learning to accept the help he's given.
Director: Brian Gallagher
Cinematographer: Benjamin Papa
Editor/Sound: Mason Romero
Main Subject: Ruben Le Professeur
need nobody
A relaxing, lofi-hiphop beat.
Music Producer: Prod. Riddiman
Cinematographer/Editor: Mason Romero
Two male roommates are in search of a third male roommate to add to their partnership. Just to spice things up.
This is an experimental series that is meant to raise awareness for those struggling in everyday life. From anxiety, to depression, to self doubt.
A 4k Time Lapse
A 4k time lapse recorded at the 
Cherry Springs Star Park.
Photographer/Editor: Mason Romero
Music: mine cafe by Barradeen (
South Street Senses
An experimental short film referencing senses experienced in Philadelphia, PA.
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